As an investor you have a number of choices about where to place your money. La Trobe Financial provides you with a managed fund solution for your investment needs. As Investment Manager we originate and manage investment assets in our Credit Fund on your behalf. You are paid monthly income distributions - and receive your capital sum upon expiry of your chosen investment term *#.

What is a managed fund?

A managed fund is a professionally managed investment portfolio that individual investors can invest into rather than holding the underlying investment directly. Each investment account has specific investment objectives. This is usually based around the different asset classes (cash, fixed interest and property). The money you invest is used to buy eligible assets in line with the investment objectives of the Investment Account you choose in the Credit Fund.

Why are managed funds so popular?

  1. It's easy to diversify your investments - you have exposure to a larger number of assets, which are diversified across borrowers, regions and states, industry sectors and security types.
  2. Experts manage your money - as qualified investment professionals we manage your money and have access to information, research and investment processes not easily available to you as an individual.
  3. Easy to reinvest and top up the investment - and take advantage of compounding. Over time, this compounding effect can mean a huge difference in your investment returns. You can also choose small monthly or weekly amounts and top up on the day you get paid - a strategy also known as 'pay yourself first'.
  4. Invest for income - the returns you get from a managed fund usually come in forms of income (paid to you as a 'distribution').
  5. You can start investing with as little as $1,000 (High Yield Account min $100k) - Investing in a real property often involves large sums of money, and sometimes a large loan. Our Credit Fund allows you to access such investments at a fraction of the usual cost. This is because you share these costs with other members of the Credit Fund.

We understand investors like investments that generate regular income and preserve capital.

Investment Options that have stood the test of time

Operating since 1952, La Trobe Financial is Australia’s premier credit specialist in the managed funds sector, with international recognitions, strong growth in funds under management from both institutional and retail investors.

Our loan underwriting assessment process, conservative asset selection and careful portfolio construction buffer your investment portfolio against the effects of individual asset shortfalls.

Four (4) Competitive Investment Accounts

The objective of our retail Credit Fund offering has long been to provide investors with a choice of capital-stable, reliable income generating investment accounts. The Credit Fund’s continued positive performance in times of interest rate change continues to attract investor attention across the market.

Why choose to invest with La Trobe Financial?

Our focus on doing what we do best as a credit specialist has shown that if you "stick to your knitting", superior performance can be achieved through every economic cycle. Our aim is to provide greater access for investors to investment grade assets returning a premium over cash and bank bill rates.

Our Credit Fund has consistently delivered excellent results and is rated highly by independent research houses including Zenith, SQM Research, Lonsec, Australia Ratings and magazines such as Lipper Leaders and Money Magazine *.

For rating details click here.

We strive for excellence and deliver with distinction through:

  • No investment entry fee
  • Strong track record of Performance
  • Robust credit fundamentals relative to market
  • Capital-stable asset class
  • Regular reliable monthly income*
  • Transparent corporate governance
  • Consistent outperformance against benchmarks across short, medium and long term*
  • Favourable research ratings from leading independent research houses
  • Multi-award winning and internationally recognised
  • Direct access to our experienced investment team

Connect with our investment experts today

To speak to one of our investment experts or your local Senior Manager – Client Partnerships (click here) call us today for immediate service on 1800 818 818.

We offer an investment product range that delivers simplicity, performance and capital-stable reliable monthly income.

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